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The cloud expert with strategies to exploit maximum benefits of the cloud.


In this cloud-first era, approximately 90% of businesses have moved their workloads to the cloud to some degree. While go-cloud has already become a given, more and more companies are adopting a multi-cloud approach. To maximize the benefits from flexibility and scalability of public cloud for businesses, KBCloud built a strong team of experts who are professional in all the leading public cloud platforms, supporting and managing your choice of cloud platforms.


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Google Cloud

Huawei Cloud

Microsoft Azure Cloud

IBM Cloud

Oracle Cloud

Alibaba Cloud


Designing best-fit cloud solutions

We design best-fit cloud solutions for you, no matter where you are at your cloud journey. Equipped with in-depth knowledge and professional skills in all leading cloud technologies, our cloud experts maximize the ROI of your cloud initiatives with guidance and professional services.


Holistic Strategies to Go Cloud

We go beyond cloud adoption, application migration and managed services as we don’t treat go-cloud as a one-off tactical decision. Our cloud experts understand your ultimate goals and strategize your go-cloud journey to ensure full elastic scalability and financial flexibility for your business.


Always have
your back

You will benefit from our extensive support, professional advice, ongoing operations management as well as exceptional managed services at every stage of your transformation by 24x7.


KBCloud has been recognized by leading clouds providers for both our professionalism and high-quality services. 


Gold DevOps
Gold Data Analytics
Gold Data Platform
Gold Cloud Platform
Gold Cloud Productivity 
Best Cloud Partner of the Year
Best Azure Partner

Direct Bill Cloud Services Provider

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APAC HCPN Partner of the Year - Hong Kong

HCIP Cloud Service Solutions Architect
HCPN Consulting Partner
HCPN Service Partner
HCPN SaaS Partner
HCPN Marketplace Partner

+852 2529 1100

13/F, Chao's Building, 145 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, HK

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