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Patch management - Azure Update Manager

Azure Update Manager functions as a unified service, efficiently overseeing updates for all your machines. It enables monitoring of update compliance for Windows and Linux across Azure deployments, on-premises, and other cloud platforms through a centralized dashboard. Additionally, Update Manager facilitates real-time updates or scheduled deployments within defined maintenance windows. 

How Azure Update Manager Operates

Azure Update Manager serves as a comprehensive solution designed for the simplified management of patches across Azure virtual machines (VMs). It provides a centralized platform for assessing, prioritizing, and applying security and critical updates, ensuring the health and security of your Azure-based systems. 

Key Components of Azure Update Manager

  • Update Assessments 

Regular assessments are conducted by Azure Update Manager on your VMs, offering insights into update compliance status. It analyzes applicable updates for the VMs, aiding in understanding your infrastructure's patching needs. 


  • Update Deployment  

Building on assessments, Azure Update Manager streamlines the deployment of necessary updates. You can schedule these deployments to align with your organization's maintenance windows, minimizing disruptions to your services. 


  • Automated Update Remediation 

Azure Update Manager supports automated update remediation, enabling the automatic installation of required updates during maintenance windows. This feature ensures consistent system updates without manual intervention. 

Why Choose Azure Update Manager

  • Centralized Management 

Azure Update Manager provides a centralized hub to manage updates for all your Azure VMs, simplifying the patch management process. It offers a unified interface for monitoring and applying updates across your infrastructure. 


  • Security and Compliance 

Ensuring a secure environment is paramount, and Azure Update Manager assists in staying compliant with industry standards and security best practices by keeping your VMs up to date with the latest security patches. 


  • Cross-Environment Access 

Azure Arc-enabled VM extensions facilitate seamless communication between Azure Update Management and on-premises or other cloud environments. This cross-environment access ensures that all your virtual machines, regardless of location, can benefit from the centralized update management provided by Azure Update Manager. Expanding its capabilities to diverse environments maintains a consistent security posture and adherence to compliance standards across your entire infrastructure. 

Why Choose Azure Update Manager

  • Minimized Downtime 

Azure Update Manager enables you to schedule update deployments during specified maintenance windows, minimizing downtime and disruptions to your services. This ensures the smooth continuation of critical business operations. 


  • Automated Monitoring and Reporting 

Azure Update Manager provides a comprehensive overview of update reports and allows the customization of alert rules for VM status. This streamlines audit processes and facilitates the demonstration of compliance with regulatory requirements. 

  • Flexibility 

Immediate action capability, whether by installing updates promptly or scheduling them for a later date, and automatic or on-demand update checks. 


  • Enhanced Security Measures 

Including new patching methods such as automatic VM guest patching in Azure, hot patching, or custom maintenance schedules. Hotpatches include updates that don't require a reboot. By patching the in-memory code of running processes without restarting them, applications remain unaffected by the patching process. 


Azure Update Manager proves to be a valuable tool for organizations leveraging Azure services. It enhances security, streamlines update management, improves compliance, and reduces operational overhead. The decision to utilize Azure Update Manager should be guided by specific organizational needs and requirements. 



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